Embedding a Panopto folder in more than one of your Canvas courses


  1. From your Canvas site, select Panopto Videos in your navigation menu (See Fig. 1).
    Panopto Videos link in Canvas menu
    Figure 1: Panopto Videos link in course navigation
  2. Select the folder you want share and open it (See Fig. 2).
    Listing of Video Folders example
    Figure 2: Open the folder
  3. Select the settings icon (See Fig. 3).
    Settings icon
    Figure 3: Settings icon in upper right corner
  4. Select Share (See Fig. 4).
    Share button highlighted in Overview menu
    Figure 4: Share tab in Panopto
  5. In Who has access, select the drop-down arrow to open permission selections (See Fig. 5).
    Dropdown arrow button highlighted
    Figure 5: Drop-down arrow for who has access
  6. Select Anyone at Your Organization with the Link (See Fig. 6).
    Who has Access click Anyone at your organization with the link
    Figure 6: Who has access options
  7. Select Save Changes (See Fig. 7).
    Highlighted Save changes button
    Figure 7: Save changes selection
  8. Select Embed (See Fig. 8).
    Highlighted Embed link
    Figure 8: Embed option
  9. Copy the Embed code.
  10. Close the page by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.
  11. Open the other Canvas course site where you want to embed the recording.
  12. Select Modules (See Fig. 9).
    Click Modules in the list
    Figure 9: Modules in the Canvas course navigation menu
  13. Select the + sign to add a new item to the module (See Fig. 10).
    + icon button
    Figure 10: Plus sign to add a new item
  14. Select Page from the drop-down menu.
  15. Select New Page from the list of options.
  16. Give the new page a name and then select Add Item (See Fig. 11).
    Click Add Item Button
    Figure 11: Add the new page to the module
  17. Select the title of the new page to open the item.
  18. Select Edit (See Fig. 12).
    Click highlighted Edit button
    Figure 12: Edit the new page
  19. Select the HTML Editor (See Fig. 18)
    Click Highlighted HTML Editor link
    Figure 18: Changing to the HTML editor
  20. Paste in the Embed code.
  21. Select Rich Content Editor, and the contents will populate the page (See Fig. 19).
    Click Highlight Rich Content Editor link
    Figure 19: Changing to the Rich Content Editor
  22. Select Save and Publish. The contents are now available in the second Canvas course (See Fig. 20).
    Save & Publish Button
    Figure 20: Save and Publish the new page
  23. To confirm that the students can view the videos, use the Student View.

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