1. From your Canvas site, click on the Panopto Videos tab in your navigation menu (See Fig. 1).

    Figure 1: Panopto Videos tab in Canvas course navigation menu
  2. Click on the settings icon (see Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: Settings icon in Panopto Videos
  3. Click on Order in the Panopto menu (See Fig. 3).

    Figure 3: Panopto navigation menu
  4. Check the box to set the display order (See Fig. 4).

    Figure 4: Set the display order box
  5. Click and drag the videos to arrange the order (See Fig. 5).

    Figure 5: Click and drag the video
  6. Click the X at the upper right when finished (See Fig. 6).

    Figure 6: X icon
  7. The videos are now displayed in order (See Fig. 7).

    Figure 7: Panopto videos shown in order
  8. Any new recordings will appear at the bottom of the list. Repeat the process to reorder them again.

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