Creating quizzes in Panopto


To add quizzes to a Panopto video, use the steps outlined below.

  1. Open your video in the Panopto editor.
  2. Select Quizzing in the left Navigation pane (See Fig. 1).
    Panopto's Navigation pane is displayed with a red box as emphasis around the Quizzing option. A red arrow also points to Quizzing for additional emphasis.
    Figure 1: Select Quizzing
  3. Using the Pointer tool, navigate in the Timeline to where you want to put a quiz (See Fig. 2).
    Panopto video timeline is emphazied with a red box around it. The pointer tool is used to indicate a particular spot on the video's timeline.
    Figure 2: Navigating the video timeline
  4. Select Add a Quiz . The quiz form will appear in your secondary stream area (See Fig. 3).
    A red box emphasizes the Add a Quiz button.
    Figure 3: Select Add a Quiz
  5. The form has several different fields, including Quiz Name, Question, Answers, and Correct Answer Explanation (See Fig. 4).
    Red boxes emphasize the fields for the quiz name, text of the question, answer options, and the optional text field for an explanation of the correct answer.
    Figure 4: Quiz form fields
  6. Within the form, you can select the drop-down menu in the top right corner to show different types of quiz questions. The question options include True/False, Multiple Choice and Multiple Select. The default is multiple choice (See Fig 5).
    A red box emphasizes the Question Type drop-down box located in the top, right side of the image.
    Figure 5: Quiz question types
  7. Enter the text of the question along with potential answers in the appropriate text fields. When you have your potential answers added, you must choose a correct answer by selecting the circle next to the correct answer (See Fig. 6).
    A red box emphasizes that the circle next to the first answer option is toggled to indicate it is the correct response to the question.
    Figure 6: List of question answers
  8. Once you are done with a question and want to add another one, select Add a Question at the bottom of the form (See Fig. 7).
    A red box emphasizes the Add a Question button.
    Figure 7: Add a question
  9. If you need to navigate to a different question in your quiz, you can use Back and Next at the bottom of the form (See Fig 8).
    A red box emphasizes the Back and Next buttons that can be used to navigate to other questions in the quiz.
    Figure 8: Back and next options
  10. Once you have added all of your questions, select Done at the bottom of the form (See Fig 9).
    A red box is add around the Done button as emphasis.
    Figure 9: Done option at the bottom of the form
  11. You will then be directed to the Options page for this quiz where you can adjust the following options (See Fig. 10):
    • Allow retakes.
    • Show grade once the quiz is taken (if this is enabled, you can also allow review of correct answers and explanations).
    • Block your viewers from advancing the video until the quiz is answered.
    • Delete questions by choosing the Xs.
    • Reorganize the questions by using the arrows.
      Quiz options page is displayed with the following options selected: All Retakes, Show grade after taking the quiz, All review of correct answers and explanations, and Block advancing in the video until answering the quiz.
      Figure 10: Quiz options
  12. Once you are finished, select Save . The name of your quiz will now appear in the Quizzing pane.
  13. Repeat steps 2 through 11 for each quiz you want to add to your video.
  14. When you are finished adding quizzes to the video, select Publish located in the top right-hand corner of the page (See Fig. 11).
    Green Publish button is shown next to the gray Revert button.
    Figure 11: Publish option

During playback, the video will pause when it is time for a quiz and remain paused until the questions are answered.


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