iClicker does not store the student's exact geolocation.

While the initial check to allow the student to join class uses geolocation information, the only data that iClicker stores are related to whether they (the students) were in the range of where their instructor indicated class was taught. For instance, "40 ft from the instructor's class," not "40 ft from the Chemistry building" or a set of coordinates.

In addition, iClicker does not obtain nor ask for student location without explicit consent and an active selection to allow checking at the point in time by the student. That means we're not trying to sense their range upon entering an area to prompt check-in, students must explicitly select join to check in each time. They have full control over allowing us location access and when to do so. iClicker does not continue to track the student during the duration of the class session nor outside of class/app use. 

Additional information is available at https://macmillan.force.com/iclicker/s/article/How-does-iClicker-Cloud-s-Attendance-geolocation-functionality-maintain-students-privacy.


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Modified on: Mon, May 24, 2021 at 10:01 AM