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How to setup iClicker Cloud Attendance for your course.

Student Privacy with iClicker Cloud Attendance Geolocation

From the iClicker website webpage, Student Privacy with iClicker Cloud Attendance Geolocation:

  • The geolocation functionality in the iClicker Cloud Attendance module is only active when students are in the process of checking into a class session.
  • Students must grant the iClicker student app permission to share their location the very first time they use the feature, and they can choose to turn this permission on or off as they see fit.
  • The geolocation check does not happen silently in the background without the student's knowledge or explicit action.
  • The geolocation check only records the student’s distance from the check-in point designated in your location settings, not the student's actual location.
  • iClicker Cloud provides the option for students to use a clicker to check in if they prefer, which does not utilize any geolocation technology.

iClicker does not store the student's exact geolocation.

Modified on: Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 1:08 PM

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