Teaching with iClicker Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started using iClicker?

There are a variety of resources available for instructors who wish to use iClicker in their classroom. The iClicker website is a good starting point for learning more about how iClicker works and how to set up iClicker Cloud software. In addition, send an email to iclickers@missouri.edu to set up a one-on-one consultation about using iClicker in your classroom. A staff member from eLearning will be happy to give you a demo and help you set up your iClicker course.

How much will iClicker cost my students?

MU has purchased a site license for iClicker. Your students will not be charged to use iClicker, nor will they need to subscribe to the iClicker service. This is a free tool for the students to use.
UMSL and UMKC students have to pay a fee.

Will my students know how iClicker works?

iClicker has a web page for students. This is a new process from previous semesters, students do NOT have to click on anything in Canvas as they once did. Students will use their sso@umsystem.edu accounts. 

Does iClicker integrate with Canvas?

Yes, iClicker integrates with Canvas (the University of Missouri's learning management software). When you are ready to sync your iClicker scores/points with your Canvas gradebook, it is as easy as clicking a button. Within minutes, your iClicker scores will populate in your Canvas gradebook. For instructions on how to set up the iClicker/Canvas gradebook visit the Overview: Transitioning from iClicker's Enhanced Grade Sync to Roster & Grade Sync page.

What programs does iClicker work with?

iClicker works with your existing class materials. You can use any presentation software that you'd like, PowerPoint, Keynote, webpage, or other computer program/application you choose. The unobtrusive iClicker toolbar floats in front of your application, enabling you to poll your students at any point during your presentation (or at a particular question/stopping point in your lecture). Each time you enable polling, iClicker takes a picture of your screen (i.e., your polling question) for your later review of the question/responses. It also sends that question to your students' devices (if you choose to allow that).

Who do I contact if I have questions or if I need help?

Reach out to a Missouri Online staff member should you have questions about using iClicker or if you would like a one-on-one consultation. The iClicker website is another good starting point for instructors that need help or have questions getting things set up for class.

Please email the Academic Technology team or call Missouri Online at 855-675-0755.

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