LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Canvas. When students are required to use LockDown Browser for a Canvas Quiz they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications.

LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser helps prevent cheating on online quizzes via a special browser window. How can I use LockDown Browser in teaching? Setting up a quiz i...
Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 3:44 PM

Installing Respondus Lockdown Browser

The link to share with your students is available here. Share the link only with your students. They will be able to download and install LockDown Browser...
Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 4:06 PM

Requiring Lockdown Browser for a Canvas Quiz

Please note that Lockdown Browser does not include Respondus Monitor. Monitor is for UMKC ONLY. Monitor is student-paid ($15/year). DO NOT use if your cours...
Tue, Sep 13, 2022 at 1:45 PM

Test integrity FAQ

For information on Respondus LockDown Browser and test integrity please see our Test integrity FAQ.
Fri, May 20, 2022 at 11:09 AM