1. The link to share with your students is available in the following locations:
    • MU: at this link
    • UMKC: at this link
    • UMSL: UMSL students can visit the Respondus section of the Canvas Resources Site Canvas course that students are enrolled in.
  2. Share the link only with your students. They will be able to download and install LockDown Browser software to their personal computer with this link.
  3. When an instructor requires LockDown Browser for tests in Canvas, students will only be able to access the test with this browser.
  4. Share this QuickStart Guide with your students.

Need to install LockDown Browser in a computing lab? Email teachingtools@umsystem.edu for access to download the LockDown Browser for Labs edition.

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Modified on: Mon, May 24, 2021 at 10:30 AM