Submitting Final Grades for Self-paced Canvas Courses

6-month Self-paced

The 6-month self-paced courses require the Final Grade Override column in the Gradebook, see Figure 1.
enable final grade override check boxFig. 1, Enable final grade override in Gradebook settings

Instructors teaching a 6-month course only enter an Override Grade in Canvas. A script will pick up the grades and load them into SIS.
Note: When a final grade override is entered as a letter grade, the percentage score for the assignment is the lower limit of the range assigned to that letter grade in the course grading scheme. For example, your course grading scheme may designate a range of 86% to 89% for a B+ letter grade. Entering a B+ for a final grade override assigns a percentage of 86%. To ensure students receive a specific percentage for their final grade, enter the grade override as a percentage in accordance with your grading scheme.

16- week Self-paced, Semester-based

Instructors for 16-week courses need to submit their final grades to SIS from Canvas.

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