Embedding a Panopto recording in Canvas

The Panopto recording needs to be in a Panopto folder or subfolder associated with the Canvas class in order for students to be able to view the recording. Panopto videos can be added to a Canvas Page (shown below), Discussion Board, Announcement, Assignment or Test Question via editing in the Rich Content Editor.  

  1. Select the Modules tab in your Canvas course (See Fig. 1).
    Module tab in canvas.

    Figure 1: The Modules tab
  2. Select the plus icon to open the items to insert (See Fig. 2).
    Plus button

    Figure: + button in a Module
  3. Select the Page option (See Fig. 3).
    Select Page in the dropdown

    Figure 3: Item drop down menu
  4. Select New Page (see Fig. 4).
    New Page in the dropdown

    Figure 4: New page option
  5. Give your page a name and then select Add Item (See Fig. 5).
    Enter page name then click Add Iten

    Figure 5: Page name area
  6. Open your page and select Edit (See Fig. 6).
    Edit Button

    Figure 6: Edit option in Panopto
  7. Select the Panopto icon (See Fig. 7).
    Panopto Icon in toolbar
    Figure 7, Panopto icon
  8. Select or type in the folder name where videos are stored (See Fig. 8).
    Folder Name dropdown

    Figure 8: Select or type in the name of the folder
  9. Select the video you want and then select Insert (See Fig. 9).Insert Button

    Figure 9: Select video then click insert
  10. Select Save (See Fig. 10).
    Save button

    Figure 10: Save option in Panopto

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