Honorlock is an advanced proctoring solution for online test security. Honorlock combines the power of live proctoring with AI to protect exam integrity and improve the testing experience.

How can I use Honorlock in teaching? 

  • Verify the student's identity as the test begins. 
  • Lock down the student's computer with a variety of options while students are taking your test.
  • Monitor the student's computer and environment while the test is in progress.

What is unique about Honorlock? 

  • Honorlock allows the instructor to enable options for automated verification and monitoring of the test-taker, the environment and the desktop. Features include content protection; blocking other extensions; analysis of the student’s on-screen activities, eye and facial movements; and a panorama of the room and of ambient noise.
  • Honorlock provides automated reporting to flag the most critical items for you to review when using automated proctoring.
  • Honorlock offers a range of options to accommodate students with disabilities, technical issues, security or privacy concerns. 
  • Honorlock offers support 24/7/365 via chat and phone for both you and test-takers.

Technical requirements

Honorlock is integrated into Canvas. The only supported browser is Google Chrome on Windows, Mac or Chromebooks. Students will need a compatible web camera, speakers and microphone, and will need to download a Honorlock browser extension. Students may be prompted to change some browser security settings and then restart Chrome the first time they use Honorlock. Students should plan to take the test in a well-lit space to ensure a good recording of their test session. Honorlock has a list of their system requirements.

Modified on: Thu, May 2, 2024 at 2:55 PM

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