Creating Bookable Appointments in Zoom

Instructors can create open appointments in Zoom through Canvas. Students can book individual meetings with you and it can be a great way to manage your open office hours. 

Note: If you are using Panopto, meeting recordings created from the Appointments tab will move to your Meeting Recordings folder in Panopto, not the Panopto Course Folder. They will remain private unless you choose to share them.  

Creating Open Appointment Availability

  1. Open your Canvas course and select Zoom from the course navigation menu. 
  2. Select the Appointments tab from the Zoom menu at the top (See Fig. 1).
    Red arrow pointing to Appointments tab in Zoom.
    Figure 1: Appointments tab in Zoom 
  3. Select Create Schedule (See Fig. 2).
    Red arrow pointing to Create Schedule button
    Figure 2: Create Schedule button
  4. A pop-up window will open. Select the days for your schedule and input times. If you select the Follow the same schedule for each day box, you will have one time slot that repeats each day. Otherwise, each day can follow its own schedule (See Fig. 3).
    Screenshot of a bookable schedule for Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Figure 3: Sample of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with different availability each day. 
  5. Select the checkbox next to End Repeat on and add a date (See Fig. 4).

    Figure 4: Add an end date to your availability
  6. Complete the set up by adding the duration for each meeting and an Event Name. You can also add an Event Description (See Fig. 5).
    Screenshot of settings for duration, Event Name, and Event Description
    Figure 5: Add the duration, event name, and event description (optional). 
  7. If you would like to use the same schedule for all courses you are teaching, select the checkbox next to Apply schedule to all courses.
  8. Select Create.

Students can now book appointments with you directly through Zoom in Canvas. This article goes through the booking process from the student's perspective. 

Managing Upcoming Appointments

When a student books an appointment with you, you will receive an email from Zoom with information about the appointment. 

Note: At this time, the integration between Zoom and Canvas does not allow for the booking to be automatically added to your Outlook calendar. We recommend adding it to your calendar when you receive the email from Zoom. 

Upcoming booked appointments will also show up in Zoom on a browser and on your Upcoming Meetings on the Zoom client. 

To view your upcoming appointments in Canvas: 

  1. Open your Canvas course and select Zoom from the navigation menu on the left. 
  2. Select the Appointments tab from the Zoom menu at the top. 
  3. Select the Upcoming Events tab (See Fig. 6).
    Figure 6: Upcoming Events tab
  4. You can start an upcoming Zoom meeting directly from this tab by selecting Start next to the upcoming appointment (See Fig. 7).
    Red arrow pointing to Start button
    Figure 7: Select Start to begin the meeting 
  5. Select Cancel to the cancel the meeting. You will then see a pop-up box confirming the cancellation. The student will receive an email notifying them that the appointment has been cancelled.

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