Creating and Using Zoom Surveys

Users can now create surveys directly in Zoom and share them with others to get feedback.

Creating a Zoom Survey

  1. Login to using your username and password.
  2. Select Surveys from the menu on the left (See Fig. 1).
    Screenshot of the Zoom menu with a red arrow pointing to the Surveys menu item.
    Figure 1: Zoom menu with Surveys selected
  3. Select the + Create button (See Fig. 2)
    Screenshot of the Zoom portal on a web browser with a red arrow pointing to the Create button
    Figure 2: Create button in the Zoom interface
  4. Select the radio button next to Survey in the pop-up window and then select Create
  5. Add a title to your survey and begin adding questions. Question types available in Surveys include:
    Single Choice
    Multiple Choice
    Rank Order
    Short Answer
    Long Answer
    Fill in the blank
    Rating Scale
  6. Add your questions and use the settings on each question to customize your survey.
  7. Click the three dots in the bottom right corner of the question to Duplicate or Delete. Some question types will also allow you to add skip logic. (See Fig. 3).
    Red arrow pointing to 3 dots to access the options menu
    Figure 3: Select the three dots to see additional options for each question
  8. Use the options in the upper-right corner to adjust your Survey Settings, change the theme, and Preview your Survey (See Fig. 4).
    Buttons for settings, theme, and preview
    Figure 4: Additional buttons and features in the upper-right corner. 
  9. Select Save when you are done creating your survey. 

Sharing your Survey via a Link

  1. Return to the Surveys tab in Zoom.
  2. Find the Survey you'd like to share and select the three dots on the right side of the screen. Then select Copy Link from the dropdown menu (See Fig. 5).
    Red arrow pointing to 3 dots leading to a dropdown menu.
    Figure 5: Select the three dots and Copy Link
  3. Paste the link into an email or Zoom chat to share your survey with others directly. 

Sharing your Survey through a Zoom meeting

  1. Select the Meetings tab in Zoom. 
  2. Select the meeting title of the meeting to which you want to add the survey.
  3. Select the Survey tab from the menu running across the top (See Fig. 6).
    Red arrow pointing to survey tab
    Figure 6: Survey tab within the Meeting options
  4. Select + Add Survey and Choose from Library from the dropdown menu (See Fig. 7).
    Red arrow pointing to Add Survey button and dropdown menu
    Figure 7: Add a Survey from your Library
  5.  Select the radio button next to the Survey you want to add and select Confirm

Viewing the Results of your Survey

  1. Return to the Surveys tab in Zoom.
  2. Find the Survey and select the chart button to View Results (See Fig. 8).
    Red arrow pointing to chart buttonFigure 8: Select the chart button

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