See this Zoom video to learn how to share your screen in a Zoom meeting.

Many classrooms have a camera connected to the classroom computer in order to share paper documents. If a document camera is set up and ready to use, you might be able to use it to share that content in a Zoom meeting. This article provides instructions on how use an existing document camera and share it while inside a Zoom meeting. 

Instructions to share 2nd camera in a Zoom Meeting

  1. Begin Zoom Meeting and select Share Screen.
    Figure 1: Zoom Meeting interface.
  2. Select the Advanced tab at the top of the share screen.
    Figure 2: Zoom Share Screen.
  3. Select Content from 2nd Camera and then select Share.
    Figure 3: Zoom Advanced Share Screen.
Do you need help with the document camera in your classroom? Call Campus Classroom Support: 

Mizzou | (573)882-5000
UMKC   | (816)235-2000
UMSL   | (314)516-6852

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