1. Sign in with your username and password at umsystem.zoom.us.
  2. Click on Profile (See Fig. 1).
    red arrow pointing to zoom profile link
    Figure 1: Profile navigation in Zoom
  3. Click Delete to remove your previous profile (See Fig. 2)
    red circle around the delete link
    Figure 2: Removing your old profile
  4. Click Connect to Calendar and Contact Service (See Fig. 3).
    red arrow pointing to the connect to calendar and contact service link
    Figure 3: Connecting a new calendar
  5. Click on Office 365, then click Next (See Fig. 4).
    red arrows poinint to office 365 and the next link
    Figure 4: Selecting which calendar to connect
  6. Leave all automatically populated settings on this page as they are. 
  7. In the EWS URL text box enter https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx (See Fig. 5) . 
  8. Leave the bottom check box unchecked (See Fig. 5).
    red arrow pointing to the Authorize buttonFigure 5: Viewing the calendar information
  9. Click Authorize.
  10. Sign in with your university credentials.
  11. You should now see all of your Outlook meetings displayed under Meetings in the Zoom application.

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