Scheduling a Zoom meeting for ALL students in a Canvas course

Note: If a meeting scheduled through Zoom in Canvas is recorded to the cloud, and the Panopto integration is enabled, that meeting recording will automatically be moved into your course's Panopto Course Folder and will be publicly available to all students in the course.

First, if Zoom is not already in your Canvas course navigation, you will need to add it.

  1. Log in to your Canvas course.
  2. On the navigation menu, select Settings.
  3. Drag the Zoom item to the top panel, and select Save.

Setting up meetings with your students in Zoom

  1. Select the Zoom button in your Canvas course menu (See Fig. 1).
    Zoom in the canvas navigation
    Figure 1: Zoom link in Canvas course navigation
  2. Select Schedule a New Meeting (See Fig. 2).
    Figure 2: Schedule a New Meeting in Zoom
  3. Enter the meeting topic, date, time and meeting duration. For an example of a recurring meeting, for class meetings or office hours, see Figure 4, below. Once you are done, select Schedule and Save (See Fig. 3).
    red circle aroudn the Save button
    Figure 3: Save the scheduled Zoom meeting

    Figure 4: Example meeting for a class that meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 12pm beginning on 8/22 and ending on 12/16
  4. Your students can now sign in to Canvas at the designated meeting time, select the Zoom link on your course navigation menu, and select the Join button for the upcoming meeting (See Fig. 5).
    red circle around the Join button
    Figure 5: Select Join to enter the upcoming meeting.
  5. If you record this Zoom meeting in the cloud, the recording will be automatically loaded into this course’s Panopto folder. More details about using Zoom recordings in Panopto will be found here.

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