Enabling participants to share their screen in Zoom


On March 26, 2020, Zoom released an update to the default screen-sharing settings for Education accounts, in an effort to increase security and privacy for meetings. This update changed the default sharing setting to Host Only at the account level. This setting gives hosts the sole permission to share content within their meetings by default.

Hosts still have the ability to allow participants to share their screen during a meeting and edit their default settings to allow participants to share in all meetings.

Changing sharing settings in a meeting

  1. Select the arrow next to Share Screen (See Fig. 1).
    zoom menu bar
    Figure 1: Share screen icon
  2. Select Advanced Sharing Options.
  3. Select the radio button for All Participants (See Fig. 2).
    participant sharing settings
    Figure 2: participant sharing options

Changing sharing settings for all of your meetings

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • In the navigation panel, select Settings.
  • Under In Meeting (Advanced), select the option for All Participants (See Fig. 3).
    participant sharing options
    Figure 3: participant sharing options

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