Authorizing Qualtrics in Canvas

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Select Account in the Canvas Global Navigation and then select Qualtrics (See Fig. 1).

    Canvas navigation menu showing Qualtrics
    Figure 1: Canvas navigation menu

  3. Select Click here to Authorize (See Fig. 2).

    blue button for click here to authorize
    Figure 2: Authorization for Qualtrics

  4. Select Authorize to confirm (See Fig. 3).

    Button to confirm Qualtrics authorization
    Figure 3: Authorization confirmation

  5. Select your campus domain by putting your cursor inside the text box to view the choices (See Fig 4).
    image showing the list of the four campus's qualtrics instances
    Figure 4: Choosing the correct qualtrics domain

  6. Select Login now.

  7. A new window will open prompting you to login to Qualtrics.  Select Sign in with SSO (See Fig. 5).
    username, password text boxes and also a Sign in with SSO link
    Figure 5: Choosing the Sign in with SSO option

  8. Enter the organization id as follows: missouri, umkc, umsl or mst depending on your home campus (See Fig. 6).
    text box to enter the correct campus organization id
    Figure 6: Enter the correct campus organization id
  9. Select Continue.
  10. Next, enter your SSO and password. Select Login (See Fig. 7).
    SSO log in text boxes for username and password
    Figure 7: SSO log in box
  11. If you do not have a Qualtrics account select No, I don't have a preexisting account here (See Fig. 8). If you do have a qualtrics account please skip to step 13.
    options for if you do, or do not, have a preexisting qualtrics account
    Figure 8: Selecting if you have a qualtrics account
  12. Then, select sign in (See Fig. 9).
    sign in button
    Figure 9: Signing into Qualtrics
  13. If you do have a Qualtrics account select Yes, I have a preexisting account here (See Fig. 8).
  14. Select Approve (See Fig 10).
    buttons to approve or deny access to your qualtrics account
    Figure 10: Approving your Qualtrics account
  15. The additional window will close.  Return to Canvas to Sync your surveys.

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