Syncing your Qualtrics surveys to Canvas

  1. First, make sure that you have authorized your account in Canvas. 
  2. Login to Canvas.
  3. Select Account in the Canvas Global Navigation and then select Qualtrics (See Fig. 1).

    Canvas navigation menu showing Qualtrics
    Figure 1: Canvas navigation menu

  4. The first time you access Qualtrics your survey list will be empty (See Fig. 2)

    image of an empty survey list in Qualtrics
    Figure 2: Empty survey list in Qualtrics

  5. Select Add survey (See Fig. 2).
    Note: Your survey must be Published in Qualtrics for you to be able to add it to Canvas.
    Note: If you receive a 503 error please contact the Academic Technology team so we can help you.

  6. Select Standard Canvas assignment if you would like to add this survey to an assignment in Canvas. Select In-class survey (QR code) to share it with students during class time.  You can learn more about in-class surveys. Here we will continue with an assignment (See Fig. 3).
    Note: Please see this troubleshooting article if you get a 403 error.
    survey options of a canvas assignment or a in-class QR code
    Figure 3: Choosing a survey type in Qualtrics

  7. Choose the survey you would like to add to your Canvas Qualtrics survey list (See Fig. 4).
    list of existing and published qualtrics surveys
    Figure 4: List of published Qualtrics surveys

  8. Select Add Survey.

  9. You will now see the survey settings options. Select and Save your settings.
    qualtrics canvas survey settings
    Figure 5: Qualtrics survey settings

  10. Now you may add your survey to an assignment in Canvas.

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