Uploading scanned files to Canvas assignments and quizzes with Microsoft Lens

Note: For best results, please install and setup Microsoft One Drive on your machine prior to taking a test with Respondus Lockdown Browser or SmarterProctoring. You will not be able to submit files to Lockdown Browser if OneDrive is not available on the computer.

  1. Open Lens on your device.
  2. Select Document (See Fig. 1).
  3. Position phone over the first document until an orange border appears (See Fig. 1).
  4. Select the large white button (See Fig. 1).
    Microsoft Lens scanning a document with an orange board and red circles around the word document and the white circle
    Figure 1: scanning the document
  5. Select Confirm (See Fig. 2).
    scanned document with a red circle around confirm
    Figure 2: confirming your scan
  6. Select the orange disc with the > on it.
  7. If you need to add more images, select Add (Camera icon).
  8. If necessary for clarity, crop or use filters to make the image clearer.
  9. When ready to proceed, select Done (See Fig 3).
  10. Select PDF.
  11. Select OneDrive then wait for the PDF to transfer.
    Red arrow pointing to OneDrive
  12. If OneDrive is configured on your computer, skip to step 15.
  13. If it is not configured on your computer, and there is an Office 365 link in your Canvas course navigation, right-click it, or hold link until dialog menu appears, to open in a new tab.
    1. Go to the Office Lens folder.
    2. Select the PDF.
    3. Select the download button at the upper right and skip to step 15.
  14. If One Drive is not configured on your computer, and there is not an Office 365 link in your Canvas course navigation
    1. Open it in a browser window.
    2. Download the file.
  15. Upload the file from your computer to the assignment or test.
  16. Submit the assignment or test (if finished).

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