Learning the types of Canvas assignments

There are a wide variety of assessment types in Canvas. How many types of assessments you see depends on what your instructor has chosen to use. You may be asked to submit your own written work, engage in course discussions or take online quizzes. Sometimes your instructor may choose to utilize a proctoring software like Smarter Proctoring, or a plagiarism detection product like Turnitin to support academic honesty.

  • Canvas Assignments: In general, when an instructor has created a Canvas assignment, they will require you to upload a file from your computer to submit your work. Submission settings vary from assignment to assignment.
  • Canvas Quizzes: Quizzes in Canvas can have a variety of question types from multiple choice to essay style. Quizzes may have time limits set or you may be granted unlimited attempts to take the quiz. Settings vary for each instructor and each quiz.
  • Canvas Discussions: Canvas Discussions may or may not be graded. An instructor may have associated a rubric with the Discussion. They may ask you to reply with text, a file, video or some other type of media.
  • Turnitin: Turnitin may be used in conjunction with Canvas assignments or on its own. Some instructors may let you view a Turnitin similarity report prior to submitting your assignment so that you can make any necessary edits.
  • VoiceThread: VoiceThread is a media based discussion and collaboration tool. Your instructor may have you submit a presentation or comment on a fellow student's presentation as part of your assignment.

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