Uploading scanned files to Canvas assignments and quizzes with Adobe Scan

Note: If a quiz/test requires Respondus Lockdown Browser, please use Microsoft Lens. Lens is also preferred for tests using SmarterProcotoring.

  1. Open Adobe Scan on your device. (If you already have it open, select the camera icon at the bottom right of the app.
  2. Select Document.
  3. Position phone over the first document until blue dots appear at the corners (See Fig. 1).
    image of scanning a document with blue circles in corners of the document
    Figure 1: scanning the document
  4. Hold device steady until Scan captures the document.
  5. If you need to add more images move those into the viewfinder and repeat steps 3 & 4.
  6. If necessary for clarity, crop or use filters to make the image clearer.
  7. When ready to proceed, select Save PDF (See Fig. 2).
    image of scanned document with text save pdf in the upper right hand corner
    Figure 2: saving the pdf of the scanned document
  8. Select Share (See Fig. 3).
  9. Select Email and send the link to yourself (See Fig. 3).
    scanned document with red circles around the text share and email
    Figure 3: Sharing and emailing the scanned document
  10. Open your email on the computer.
  11. Open the email that you sent to yourself (See Fig. 4). If it does not appear, check the Junk email folder.
  12. Select the link to open it in a browser window.image of an email showing the download link to the scan
    Figure 4: opening the emailed scan link
  13. Select the Download button in the browser (See Fig. 5)
    image showing download button in a browser window
    Figure 5: downloading the scanned documkent
  14. Select Download Now (See Fig. 5).
  15. Go to Canvas.
  16. Upload the file to the assessment.
  17. Submit the assignment or test (if finished).

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