Accessing a Turnitin Similarity Report

Note: You are only able to access the similarity report if your instructor has enabled this option for students.

  1. Log in to your Canvas course site.
  2. Select the title of the assignment (See Fig. 1). Depending on how your instructor has built the course, you may need to select the Assignments link in the left-hand course navigation menu or locate the appropriate assignment within the modules of the course.
    Header: Assignments. Example shows "TurnItIn Example" assignment.

    Figure 1: Example Turnitin assignment
  3. Depending on how the assignment was set up, you will the Similarity Score in one of two ways.
    • A small colored box with a percentage inside near the top middle of the report (See Fig. 2).
      paper submission data with a small box with a 28% inside showing the similarity score
      Figure 2: Similarity score for a Turnitin Plagiarism Framework assignment
    • A small colored box next to a percentage towards the bottom right (See Fig. 3).
      paper submission data with a 36% next to a small yellow box
      Figure 3: Similarity score for a Turnitin Feedback Studio assignment 
  4. To view the actual report, click on the box or percentage.
    If you're experiencing difficulties opening Turnitin, check your pop-up blocker settings and create an exception. It can take up to 24 hours for a similarity report to generate once you have submitted your assignment.

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