Checking my course availability in Canvas

When you log in to Canvas, you may not see your courses available on your Dashboard. This could mean that you need to add the course to your dashboard, check your enrollment or check if the course has been published yet. Below is how you can determine if you are enrolled and the status of your course:

Note: If your course is Published but you are not able to access it, the course open date may not have passed. Contact your instructor if you are not able to see your course on the first day of classes.

All Courses list in Canvas

  1. The star indicates if the course will display on your Dashboard. If the star is selected, the course will show as a tile on your Dashboard.
  2. The title of the course will be displayed next to the star. If you do not see a course you are enrolled in listed, please contact the Registrar.
  3. The Enrolled as column will tell you if you are enrolled as an instructor, student or graduate assistant.
  4. The Published column is where you can determine if the instructor has made the course available.

Modified on: Fri, Apr 14, 2023 at 8:05 AM

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