Using Respondus to import Word exams into Canvas

Respondus 4.0 can convert exams currently formatted in Microsoft Word (see the appendix in this guide) into Canvas format exams and publish them to a Canvas site. 

NOTE: The Word document must first conform to Respondus’ own format. See the attached PDF for information on formatting the questions in your Word document.

  1. Once your Word document has been formatted correctly, open Respondus 4.0.  
  2. From the Start tab, select Import Questions.
  3. Change the Type of file menu to Microsoft Word (DOC) (See Fig. 1).choose Microsofr Word (DOC)Figure 1: DOC file type
  4. Use the Browse button to find the Word document you want to import.
  5. Name your new Respondus document (See Fig. 2).Enter a document name
    Figure 2: Enter new document name
  6. Select Preview and make sure there are no errors or warnings.
  7. Select Finish to import the questions into Respondus.
  8. Switch to the Preview + Publish tab and switch to Publish on the left site. Select Publish Wizard (See Fig. 3).
    Note: The name of the quiz you create does not have to match the name of your Respondus file. This is the name of the quiz that will appear in Canvas.
    publish wizard options
    Figure 3: Publish Wizard
  9. Select Next.
  10. Select the Canvas site you want to publish to and select Next (See Fig 4).select course name from populated list
    Figure 4: Selecting the Canvas course site
  11. When the publish completes, select Finish.
  12. The new quiz should now be available in your Canvas site. You will need to adjust the settings for your new Quiz to control aspects such as availability and time limits. See the What options can I set in a Quiz help article for information on adjusting your quiz settings.
  13. Remember, you must Publish your quiz in Canvas in order to make it available to your students.

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