PowerNotes Insight - MU only

PowerNotes Insight is a integration within Canvas that allows:

  • Single-sign-on (SSO) of Canvas course users through the use of links in course materials within Canvas

  • Instructors to create templated projects for student use in PowerNotes, based on their association with a particular course in Canvas.

PowerNotes Insight is currently available for licensed schools and departments on the MU campus. Please direct questions about access to teachingtools@umsystem.edu

Currently licensed schools and departments: 

  • MU Law School

PowerNotes, without Insights, is licensed by the MU Libraries for use by all teachers and students outside of Canvas as described here.

How can I use PowerNotes Insight in my teaching?

  • create assignments
  • monitor for and enable AI tool use in assignments
  • provide a limited set of AI tools for students 

What is unique about PowerNotes Insight?

  • PowerNotes Insights provides a controlled environment for student research projects in regard to AI usage.
  • The Canvas integration allows for instructors to create a controlled environment for the students in the course.

Technical requirements

PowerNotes Insight is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. PowerNotes Insight will run in any up-to-date web browser.


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