Packback has three tool options for use: a student discussion platform, a writing lab for essays and writing assignments, and instructor tools for engaging every student. Packback is currently installed for all MU and UMKC course sites, and can be installed by request for UMSL course sites. Packback is paid for by each student individually (price varies). To get started with Packback contact your campus bookstore or Packback. Instructors and Students access Packback through their Canvas course.

How can I use Packback in teaching?

  • Engage curiosity, increase motivation, and support writing practice with the discussion platform.
  • Improve and assess students’ written communication and research skills on essays and writing assignments. 
  • Provide every student with the exact support and praise they need to succeed with highly scalable instructor tools. 

What is unique about Packback?

  • Save valuable time while students get the feedback that they need to succeed.
  • Packback’s Questions A.I. Instant Feedback and Moderation ensure that the discussion stays on track.
  • Instructors receive grading support from the Deep Dives AI grading assistant to help assess the writing mechanics of a piece, so you can focus your feedback on students’ ideas and content.
  • Packback Instruct can be your central hub for managing writing assignments, inquiry-based learning, and student engagement.

Technical requirements

Packback is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. Packbackwill run in any up-to-date web browser.

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