Using Zoom to collaborate with classmates

As a student, you can initiate Zoom sessions for one-on-one or group meetings with classmates. Meetings have no time limit and can easily be recorded. First, you must establish your own zoom account (even if you have joined previous meetings) by logging into zoom with your SSO via the desktop app on your computer, Zoom's website or the app on your mobile device. You may then either schedule a meeting or start an ad hoc meeting. Make sure you also review our other Zoom articles about hosting a Zoom meeting.

Scheduling a Zoom meeting

After scheduling a meeting, a meeting invitation is created that includes a link to the meeting and the meeting ID. Meeting leaders can share this information with meeting participants by copying just the URL or the full meeting invitation and pasting it into a new email.

  1. To schedule a meeting in the web app, login to Zoom's website and select Schedule a New Meeting
  2. Select schedule (See, Fig. 1).
    Schedule icon in zoom website
    Figure 1: Scheduling a Zoom meeting
  3. Go to My Meetings and open up the meeting to retrieve a meeting URL to send to your classmate(s). 
  4. Select Copy the Invitation for text that provides the URL as well as phone access information (See, Fig. 2). You can also go to the desktop app on your computer to copy the invitation from the Meetings area.
    Red circle around the copy the invitation text link
    Figure 2: Copying the meeting URL or invitation link

Launching an ad hoc Zoom meeting

You don't have to schedule a Zoom session. You can launch a new meeting and invite participants from within the session. To launch an ad hoc Zoom session from the web app, select Host A Meeting and choose whether you want to enable video (See Fig. 3).
starting a zoom meeting video options

Figure 3: Choosing video options for a new Zoom meeting

From the desktop app or your mobile app, select New Meeting to launch a new zoom session (See, Fig., 1).

Once you have launched the session, select Invite at the bottom of the session screen. You can use whatever method you prefer (email, Canvas message, text, etc.) to send the URL of the meeting or the full invitation to your classmate(s).

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