Folio is an academic portfolio network Canvas tool that allows students to showcase their education and work accomplishments and connect with other professionals. You can upload images, Videos (YouTube, Vimeo), PDFs, text documents, and more to your portfolio. Students create their Folio account through Canvas and then have access indefinitely through Canvas Student ePortfolios even after they've left school. Read ePortfolio's: The What, Why, and How! to learn more about using ePortfolios with your students.

How can I use Folio in teaching?

  • Folio can be utilized to create a display representing a students learning across a course or academic program. Many instructors elect to use a portfolio as a final project, or in a capstone course.
  • ePortfolios are an excellent opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and understanding, giving them a space to see their growth across a period of time.

What is unique about Folio?

  • Because Folio is owned by Canvas' parent company, Instructure, students will be able to pull their submitted assignments directly from Canvas into Folio to display in their ePortfolio
  • Students will have indefinite access to Folio, even upon graduating, so that they will be able to use their developed portfolios during their career searches.

Technical requirements

Folio is a part of Canvas, so there is no software to install. Folio will run in your web browser and on almost any internet connection.


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