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Program and course design services: Self-paced instructor services

Our department is here to support course and instructional design needs as you work to build your course in One Canvas.

  • Would you like to know how asynchronous video can be critical to students learning success?
  • Would you like some inclusive and active learning strategies to engage your students in self-paced courses?
  • Are you interested in ensuring your self-paced course is accessible to support students with diverse learning needs?

We can help with instructional and media design support.

Instructional design support

We partner with Self-Paced Instructors to...

  • Design and develop self-paced course content, including assessments and activities
  • Create course content that embodies instructional excellence, innovation and best practices
  • Define self-paced objectives
  • Work on a plan to incorporate appropriate media to drive student engagement with the material
  • Help to ensure educational quality of course content, inducing alignment between course activities and objectives

Media design support

We partner with Self-Paced Instructors to...

  • Participate in designing and developing learning media, video and graphic elements to create engaging course content
  • Support ongoing media and digital development needs for One Canvas
  • Provide UX consultation, best practices and support for all distance learning and online modalities

Program coordination support

We partner with Departmental Course Schedulers to...

  • Provide customized course scheduling support in myZou to ensure accuracy and consistency in course set-up, edits and maintenance

Trainings & resources

We offer a number of trainings and resources that may be helpful to you.

How to contact us

Instructional Design Support

Academic technology

Access Canvas, Smarter Proctoring and other tool trainings on the Training and Events page. Access the Missouri Online Teaching Tools for helpful articles, or contact our team.

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