Instructor Transition Checklist

Thank you for notifying us that you are migrating your self-paced course from the Self-Paced Platform to One Canvas! We are excited to help you through this process. As you know, the two learning management systems are quite different, and some things that you may not have previously done for your course when it was housed in the Self-Paced Platform will need to be done when it is hosted on One Canvas. Here is a helpful checklist of things to remember as you migrate your course(s).

Before Term

  • Would you like training on One Canvas?
  • Would you like training on how to use SmarterProctoring, our new proctoring service?
  • Do you have a development site setup in One Canvas?
  • Have you reviewed the content of the development site to ensure that the content transferred appropriately from the Self-Paced Platform to One Canvas?
  • Have you updated your content (including assessments) to reflect any changes you’d like to make to the course (including changes to textbooks or textbook editions)?
  • Have you adopted your textbooks through the Mizzou Store?
  • Have you enabled AutoAccess in your course?
  • Do you need to work with MU Libraries on any copyright or electronic reserves materials?
  • Have you migrated your computer-graded exams/quizzes to your One Canvas site?
  • Have you set up your exams, with SmarterProctoring, on your One Canvas site?
  • Do you have a communication plan for your students for when they have questions about the course and logistics (I.e., how do they communicate with you? How will you make sure they know how to communicate with you?)
  • Have you completed an accessibility check on your One Canvas site?
  • Have you completed your development site before importing the content of that site into your official One Canvas site?
  • Have you published your One Canvas site?
  • Have you emailed your students with the syllabus and communication plan?

During Term

  • Have you contacted each of your students to remind them of the start dates they selected?
  • Have you contacted each of your students on a regular basis (every 2 - 4 weeks) to remind them to complete course work if they have not started or made appropriate progress?
    • This is important for all students, but particularly Pell Recipients, who cannot receive their funding until half of the course is completed. It is vitally important that students are contacted when they are not making appropriate progress to minimize Financial Aid disruption and withdrawals/failures/incompletes in the classes.

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