Getting started with Top Hat

Student Pricing

Please note that Top Hat is a student-paid software. Each student will need to pay for their subscription when registering with their Top Hat account.

1 Semester: $20

1 Year: $30

5 Years: $60

Getting Started

Instructor accounts are free of charge and allow an unlimited number of courses.

If you are new to Top Hat, make an appointment by emailing We work with Top Hat to provide instructors with free services to facilitate your use or transition to Top Hat, including:

  • One-on-one orientation with a Top Hat specialist.
  • Follow-up meetings with a Top Hat instructional designer.
  • Migrating existing PowerPoint files from TurningPoint to Top Hat.

Using Top Hat

  • To Link your Canvas courses with Top Hat, follow the Integration instruction. The integration allows you to download student roster from Canvas, and post grades from Top Hat to Canvas.
  • To create your Top Hat account and courses, follow the UMKC Instructor Quick Start Guide. This quick start guide also includes instructions on most frequently used features.

Contact Support

For orientation, training, or on campus support, contact

For technical support, contact Top Hat Support.

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