Connecting Top Hat Classroom with my Canvas Site

Before you begin

  1. Make sure you have already created your free Top Hat account and course.
  2. Publish your Canvas site prior to syncing your Top Hat course with your Canvas site.

Note: If you have co-instructors or teaching assistants for this course, we strongly encourage you to designate one instructor as the person who will facilitate the authentication and manage the syncing of grades throughout the semester.


  1. Log in to Top Hat and access your Top Hat course.
  2. From your course page, select the gear icon in the upper, right-hand corner and select Course Settings (see Fig 1).
    choose Course Settings buttonFigure 1: Select Course Settings.

  3. Select LMS Integration & Sync from the left menu and select Enable LMS sync (see Fig 2).click LMS Integration option, then click Enable LMS sync buttonFigure 2: Select LMS Integration & Sync and then the Enable LMS sync button.

  4. In the window that appears, select Authorize Top Hat with your LMS to give Top Hat permission to authenticate with your Canvas site (see Fig 3).
    click Authorize Top Hat buttonFigure 3: Authorize Top Hat with your LMS.

  5. Log in to Canvas on the screen provided.
    Note: if you are already logged into Canvas in the same browser you may not be provided with this screen and will be logged in automatically.
  6. Select Authorize (see Fig. 4).
    click Authorize buttonFigure 4: Authorization window
  7. In the popup window select the Canvas site you want to connect with your Top Hat course and select Connect (see Fig 5). If you do not see the intended course in the list, ensure that you are enrolled in the Canvas course as a Teacher and that you have published (made public/available) your Canvas site.
    choose course and click Connect buttonFigure 5: Connecting your courses

  8. Your students will import and you will see a LMS Sync Configured message (see Fig.6).LMS Sync Configured page with option to Go to Stuent Manager buttonFigure 6: LMS Sync Configured message.

  9. Either close the box to finish, or select Go to Student Manager to continue setting up your Top Hat course.

If you are teaching multiple courses using Top Hat you will want to follow the above steps to authenticate each of your Top Hat courses with its corresponding Canvas site.

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