Viewing the 4 types of VoiceThread links

There are four different ways you can view VoiceThread in your course site — Course View, VT Home, Individual Link and a VoiceThread Assignment.

Course View

Displays the VoiceThreads that have been shared with your course (See Figure 1).

In addition to viewing all of the VoiceThreads that an instructor has shared with the course, this view also shows the VoiceThreads that the students have shared with the course. 

Use case examples

Instructors will add a course view link when they want students to find and comment on each other's work or if you want to allow students to review all course materials prior to an exam.

voicethread course view showing shared voicethreadsFigure 1: Course View

VT Home

Displays all of a single user’s VoiceThread content (See Figure 2). This includes all of the VoiceThreads that they own or that have been shared with them.

Use case examples

This is a good option for instructors to provide when you are creating VoiceThreads.

voicethread home showing user's voicethreads

Figure 2: VT Home

Individual VT

Creates a direct link to any VoiceThread that the instructors has created (See Figure 3).

Use case examples

An instructor may use an individual link when posting content for the students to view on a weekly basis, or wherever they decide to direct link to a VoiceThread in a module.

shows an individual voicethreadFigure 3: Individual link


Instructors may create an Assignment link that allows for easy submission (See Figure 4).

Use case examples

Assignment choices include requiring you to Create a VoiceThread of your own to submit, to Comment on a VoiceThread the instructor has created or simply to Watch a VoiceThread start to finish.
voicethread assignment showing a voicethread and a submit button

Figure 4: Submitting a VoiceThread assignment

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