Working with VoiceThread in your canvas course site

VoiceThread is an online collaboration tool used to promote group discussion. VoiceThread allows you or your instructor to upload and comment on images or videos. Some instructors also use VoiceThread to deliver their lectures.

These links from VoiceThread will help you get started creating, editing, commenting on, sharing and submitting VoiceThread assignments. Troubleshooting information is also listed. If you have trouble viewing a VoiceThread, please contact your instructor to let them know.

Using VoiceThread Features

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble with VoiceThread, try each of the solutions below.

  • Make sure you are using Chrome or FireFox as they are VoiceThread's only supported browsers. Safari and Edge are not fully supported. More information on supported browsers is located here
  • Clear out your browser cache. Instructions located here.
  • Clear out your cookies. Instructions located here.
  • Restart your computer. A previously used program may be using your microphone if you are having trouble recording audio. If all else fails, you can record your audio comment with another program on your computer or phone and upload it. Instructions on how to comment on a VoiceThread are located here.
  • Note: If you are using the VoiceThread app on an iPhone and your sound is not working, please make sure the phone is not on silent/vibrate. If you are on an iPad, please follow the instructions here to ensure it's not on silent.

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