Note: Gradescope is only available on the UMSL campus. UMSL instructors who would like to use Gradescope should contact Keeta Holmes for access.

Link to an existing Gradescope course, or create a new one

  1. In the left sidebar of your course page, click Gradescope.
  2. Gradescope will launch in a new window and show you the dashboard for your Gradescope course that is connected to your Canvas site.
  3. On the Course Settings page, you can update the course title, description, rubric types, and score bounds. Keep in mind that course title and description changes made here will only appear in Gradescope, not in Canvas.
  4. When you're finished, click Update Course. Your course is now linked, and your students can access this Gradescope course.

If this is your first access to Gradescope, a new Gradescope account will be created for you. The username is the email address that's associated with your Canvas account.

Sync the grade roster

  1. In the left sidebar of your course page, click Gradescope.
  2. Then expand your left sidebar in Gradescope (if it isn't already) and click Roster to get to your Roster page.
  3. By default, Gradescope will email users to say that they've been added to the course. If you don't want users to be notified, uncheck Let new users know that they were added to the course in the dialog box.
  4. Click the Sync Canvas Roster button. A dialog box will appear explaining how accounts will be synced. All names, emails, IDs and section names will be auto-synced from Canvas.
  5. Click Sync Roster. If students add/drop in Canvas, be sure to re-sync the roster. Existing submissions/grades for dropped students will be preserved.
  6. Your Gradescope roster is now synced with the Canvas Grade roster.

If you have any roster-syncing issues, email

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