Gradescope allows you to more easily and consistently grade paper-based exams, quizzes and homework. In addition, Gradescope enables you to grade programming assignments (graded automatically or manually) and lets you create online assignments that students can answer right on Gradescope.

How can I use Gradescope in teaching?

  • Gradescope allows instructors to grade horizontally. This is when instructors grade all responses to question one before advancing to question two, and so on until grading is complete. Under this approach, students receive more consistent feedback.
  • No need to alter your existing assignments. Grade paper-based, digital and code assignments in half the time.
  • See question and rubric-level statistics to better understand what your students know.

What is unique about Gradescope?

  • Grade groups of similar answers at once. For some question types, Gradescope AI automatically forms groups for you to review.
  • Apply detailed feedback to multiple assignments with just one click. Make rubric changes that apply to previously graded work.
  • Designed by instructors

Technical requirements

Instructors need a Canvas site, an updated web browser and stable access to the internet.

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