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The Library Resources tool connects students to what they need alongside all of their other course information, links, discussions, etc. without sending students outside their browser window or mobile app. You can embed subject guides, course guides and/or electronic reserves. Go to to learn more.

If a class has a Course Guide, the tool will automatically add it to the course. For classes without Course Guides, departmental subject guides will appear. No action is required of the instructor. The same is true of most E-Reserve lists; however, instructors who create their own E-Reserve lists will need to add metadata or ask the Reserve Desk to do this for them. The metadata matches a parameter within Blackboard and Canvas. 

Library Resources Link in Canvas

The Library Resources link for your LibGuide or E-Reserves should appear in your Canvas Course Navigation without any action on your part. If it does not appear:

  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Select the Navigation Tab.
  3. Drag Library Resources from the list of Disabled navigation items (the grayed-out list at the bottom) to the location you wish it to appear in the upper list of items to appear to students in the Course Navigation.
  4. Select Save at the bottom.

Note: If you do not wish Library Resources to appear, reverse the drag-and-drop in step 3.

Steps for Adding Metadata for E-Reserves

  1. Log in to LibGuides.
  2. Select E-Reserves (Manage Courses).
  3. Find your course.
  4. Edit Course information: select the gear image under Actions in the far-right column.
  5. Select Metadata tab.
  6. Add Record.
    1. Under Name, select the dotted underline under "Empty."
    2. Type LMS.
    3. Under Value, add the course metadata (see next section).

Course Metadata For Canvas for Self-Created E-Reserves

As noted above, in most cases, this will normally be added by librarians; however, faculty creating their own E-Reserve lists will need to add their own metadata.

Canvas metadata must match the Canvas course title, with the exception of the semester information; that is, the first 7 characters (e.g., 2016SS_, 2016FS_, 2016SP_).

For example, 2016SS CV_ENG 4980 Smith-Jones (03) becomes CV_ENG 4980 Smith-Jones (03).

Name: LMS
Value: Subject match:

  • CV_ENG

Value: Course match:

  • CV_ENG 4980
  • CV_ENG 4980 Maseles (04)
  • CV_ENG 4980 Smith-Jones (03)

Cross-Listed Courses

No matter what you select in the Canvas request form as the primary section, the name/id will be sorted in ascending order.

For example:

2016FS ATM_SC 1050/GEOG 1050 Aldrich - Introductory Meteorology
2016FS H_D_FS 8001/SOC_WK 7340 Lewis - Military Culture
2016FS HLTH_SCI 3400/PEA_ST 3401 Schatz - Global Health
2016FS JOURN 4212/JOURN 7212 Frisby (01) Sports and Entertainment Promotion
2016FS SOC_WK 4395/SOC_WK 7395 Lewis - Death, Grief and Loss


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