Library Resources


Library Resources

Library Resources is a tool that allows you to add content you have curated with your Subject Librarian. It can contain E-Reserves and specially created, custom LibGuides, and includes a chat link so students can get help with Library materials and research.

How can I use Library Resources in teaching?

  • Work with your Subject Librarian to identify materials and library resources to enhance your course.
  • Provide easy access to your E-Reserves.
  • If you do not wish to customize the tool, your course will still have a department-specific set of resources available.

What is unique about Library Resources?

  • The tool is curated and maintained by Subject Librarians who can help you find the most appropriate materials
  • In UMKC Canvas sites, the tool is not available for use in non-academic/registrar courses.

Technical requirements

Library Resources are integrated into Canvas and enabled in Course Navigation by default, so there is no software for students to install; it runs through the browser. If you wish to have custom content set up for your course, please contact your Subject Librarian. Go to this link to find yours.

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