Cengage MindTap

MindTap is Cengage’s primary courseware platform providing content, videos, activities, assignments, and assessments. It is deployed in conjunction with Cengage Unlimited.

How can I use Cengage MindTap in teaching?

  • Provide access to textbooks in a robust and easy-to-use online reader.
  • Deploy prepackaged or customized assignments, quizzes, and other activities from the publisher into Canvas for grades or practice.
  • Track student progress with analytics.

What is unique about MindTap?

  • MindTap provides deep and highly customizable homework, test and activity integration with Canvas.

Technical requirements

MindTap is integrated into Canvas, so there is no software to install — it runs through the browser. Students can use the Cengage app for iOS and Android to access their books and assignments on phones and tablets.

Modified on: Tue, May 24, 2022 at 12:00 PM

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