Canvas Groups


Canvas Groups is a Canvas tool that allows you to divide your students into smaller groups for discussions and for collaborative work. Instructors and students access Groups through People in Course Navigation menu in the course site and in the main Canvas menu.

How can I use Canvas Groups in teaching?

  • Each Group in Canvas has a set of tools for its own use: Announcements, Files, Pages and Discussions.
  • Group discussions allow for more focused conversation and reflection, especially if the class as a whole is large.
  • Group assignments allow students to work together on a project and submit one copy of the assessment for grading. Examples include a paper, a PowerPoint or a video.

What is unique about Groups?

  • Groups can also be used in designating Group Discussions and Group Assignments.
  • Group Discussions can be graded or not graded.
  • Students can use their group tools to post announcements, have discussions, and share files and pages to communicate and collaborate on an assignment.

Technical requirements

Groups are a part of Canvas, so there is no software to install. Canvas Groups will run in your web browser and on almost any internet connection.


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