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Spring 2023 courses & site changes

Course release

Spring 2023 course sites will be released to instructors on Oct. 15, 2022. 

New content

Moving forward, new Canvas courses will not contain Module 0 and the information within that module will be contained within two links in your course navigation (Getting Started for Instructors and Getting Started for Students). The change eliminates the unnecessary duplication of pages in your course when copying your course each semester. 

The two new links will appear in all courses in mid-December 2022. This includes organization, development and noncredit sites in addition to registrar courses. We strongly recommend you remove your Modules and Canvas Pages of all outdated Module 0 content by removing those individual pages.

Customize your course list

The addition of the Spring 2023 courses to Canvas may have pushed your current course(s) from your Dashboard. If a course is not present on your Dashboard, it is present in your list of All Courses. You can update what classes appear on your Dashboard by customizing your course list.

Please contact the Academic Technology team if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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