Confirming student access to alternate file formats in Canvas

UDOIT allows faculty to generate alternate formats of course files and, by default, this access has been extended to students.

Note: Although students can access alternate file formats made available through UDOIT, they cannot see UDOIT in their course navigation, nor can they access any UDOIT reports. Moreover, UDOIT does not collect student data.

Students will see a download button next to any course file that has been scanned by UDOIT (See Fig. 1).

Download button highlighted next to PDF file in a Canvas module
Figure 1: Download a pdf file

The student can select the button to view the available alternate formats (See Fig. 2).


Alternate formats available to students (listed in text below)
Figure 2: List of alternate formats including optimized PDF, HTML, audio file (MP3), ePub digital book and plain text

The new file should be available within 30 minutes of the student’s request. If the request is taking longer, it could be due to a poor Internet connection.

Once the alternate file is available, the student will be prompted to either (1) download the new file or (2) open it in a new browser tab (See Fig. 3).


HTML file has been created; options to download the file or open it in a new tab are labeled
Figure 3: Downloading or opening the file

If alternate formats are not available for the student to request

Although access to alternate formats should be enabled by default, in some cases, the instructor will have to enable it. 

If a student informs you that alternate formats are not available in your course, go to UDOIT. Select the orange exclamation point next to Scan Now and you will see a message that access to alternate formats is disabled.



Select this option, and you will see a confirmation that access to alternate formats is disabled. 

Dialog box indicating that students do not have access to alternate formats; visit Course Settings to learn more


Select Course Settings to enable access:


Course Settings for allowing student access to alternate file formats; green check over box to Enable students to access existing alternate formats.


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