Troubleshooting AutoAccess (e-textbooks)

Many of your online courses will either have the option for or require online textbooks available through AutoAccess. This program provides students with digital course materials through Canvas at a reduced rate. This means your required course materials are available to you automatically when you enroll in the course. Your campus bookstore will designate the courses with AutoAccess on your booklist. If you are enrolled in a course where your instructor has requested AutoAccess materials, you will be automatically billed for your course materials through the cashier's office. As long as you drop the course before the end of the official Add/Drop date, you will not be charged for the cost of course materials. If you need a printed option, contact your campus bookstore to see if one is available.

The first line of support for AutoAccess (e-textbook) problems is through the individual campus bookstores. These links will guide you through the information you need from each campus:

Note: If they are unable to help, or if the issue is a clear technical issue, such as a broken link to a page, direct publisher support contacts are listed on the Contacting e-textbook support page.

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