iClicker is a student engagement and assessment tool that is integrated in Canvas. iClicker grades are pushed to Canvas with a push of a button.
Due to the implementation of differential tuition at some campuses, please check with your campus leadership to make sure technologies can be paid for by charging students at your campus.

How is use iClicker used in teaching?

  • Gauging student understanding of course material via quizzing and anonymous polling
  • Assessing student preparation
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Creating instant study guides for your students based on questions posed during class
  • Delivering low-stakes quizzes
  • Taking attendance

What is unique about iClicker?

  • iClicker's flexibility allows for polling questions, quizzes and learning activities to be set up on the fly.
  • Polling questions are not entered in the iClicker system. Instructors can use existing questions without inputting them into iClicker.
  • Students can review every polling question as a study guide. You can also choose to provide students with the correct answers and control when students receive the study guide.
  • iClicker's easy setup means you have more time for teaching.
  • Instructors can take attendance more easily by asking students to check in using the app. No more attendance codes that can be easily shared via text.

Technical requirements

Students need a smart phone, tablet or laptop device to use iClicker in class. Instructors need to have the updated iClicker Cloud software on their computer.


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