Tools currently under consideration

If an existing tool does not meet a demonstrated teaching and learning need, new tools are investigated and, if approved, piloted before becoming a supported tool. The following tools are in the pilot phase on all campuses.

Teaching Tools Pilots


Harmonize is a discussion board tool that weaves together rich multimedia, student milestones, reactions and tagging, annotations and an assistive prompt writer incorporating Chat GPT. This pilot is running during the Spring 2024 semester. If you are interested in participating in the pilot please email

Support for Harmonize

Harmonize support page

Harmonize 101: video tutorial on how to create engaging and inclusive discussions

Harmonize 102: video tutorial on how to create a more social and inclusive learning environment

Getting started with Harmonize

Creating graded Harmonize discussions

Harmonize student help guide


Kritik (see attached PDF for additional information) is an online platform that facilitates peer to peer assessment of student work, giving students an opportunity to learn from their peers, adapt and improve their work and gain a deeper understanding of the topic. This pilot is running January through December 2024. If you are interested in participating in the pilot please email

Support for Kritik

Kritik instructor guide

Kritik student guide

Kritik public workshops


Impact is a tool that we have integrated with Canvas that allows us to send targeted Canvas announcements to specific groups of users.  Previously, we could send announcements based on role or institution. Impact allows us to fine-tune our audience.  Impact also gives us increased analytics about tool use in Canvas. We will pilot Impact Summer 2023 through May 2024.

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