Tools currently under consideration

If an existing tool does not meet a demonstrated teaching and learning need, new tools are investigated and, if approved, piloted before becoming a supported tool. The following tools are in the pilot phase on all campuses.

Teaching Tools Pilots

Black Belt Help after-hours support

Missouri Online will launch a one-year pilot with the after-hours support service Black Belt Help (BBH) in Spring 2023. This will give faculty access to technology assistance 24/7, 365 days a year until December 2023. At that point we will determine if we want to continue with this service. BBH employees will not have direct access to our technology systems, but they will be able to answer common instructor and student questions about Canvas, Zoom, Panopto, etc. You will be able to reach BBH help through the primary Missouri Online academic technology support line: Missouri Online AT support number, (855) 675-0755, any time outside of normal business hours.  Watch for more information about a specific start date.


Impact is a tool that we will be integrating with Canvas that will allow us to send targeted Canvas announcements to specific groups of users.  Currently, we can send announcements based on role or institution. Impact will allow us to fine-tune our audience.  Impact will also give us increased analytics about tool use in Canvas. We will start implementing Impact in Summer 2023 and the pilot will run through May 2024.

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