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All UM System campuses offer a selection of academic tools to use with your courses. However, if our current tools do not meet your teaching and learning needs, you can submit a request to have a tool added to our selection.

Requesting a new tool

All of our available tools are listed on this Teaching Tools site. Please review the available tools before submitting a request to investigate a new technology. If you would like assistance with finding a tool that meets your needs, please email

The process

  1. The faculty member submits their request to the team via the form below.  The Academic Technology team will work with the faculty member to make sure the need is unique and is not served by a present tool.  Alternatively, if the faculty member submits the technology request through their local IT support, IT may involve the Academic Technology team to see if the tool can connect into Canvas.
  2. The Academic Technology team checks against campus regulations to see if there is a charge to the student.  If the tool is accessed through Canvas, the team makes sure the LTI connection into Canvas is optimal.
  3. The Academic Technology team puts the tool through the Division of IT ITSRQ process to make sure it is accessible, FERPA compliant and secure. 
  4. If needed, the Academic Technology team integrates the tool into Canvas for the selected faculty member(s).  It is also possible that the technology request may move to another level, depending on general interest and usefulness.
  5. Support is provided through the vendor.
  6. Turnaround for this process can be 2-3 weeks, depending on the ITSRQ process and vendor responsiveness.

Request form

  1. Log in to your campus G Suite account. Read instructions on logging in.
  2. Go to the Request an Academic Technology form and submit your request.

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