Adding Hypothesis to a Canvas Module

If you will be using Hypothesis with a PDF, you need to upload the file to Canvas Files before completing the steps below.
  1. From your Canvas site, select Modules in the navigation menu.
  2. Select the + icon next to a Module group to add a new Module Item (See Fig. 1). Canvas Module page with red arrow pointing to the + button to add a new item
    Figure 1: Adding a new module item
  3. In the Add Item pop-up window, select Add and choose External Tool from the list of options (See Fig. 2).
    external tool selecting in the Add item drop down menu
    Figure 2: Select External Tool from the drop-down menu.
  4. A list of tools that have been installed for your course site will appear. Scroll through the list and select Hypothesis (See Fig. 3). listed in the external tool drop down menu

    Figure 3: External tool drop down menu
  5. Select Add Item.

  6. Next, you will add the document you want to annotate (See Fig. 4).

    options of types of content to add
    Figure 4: Options to upload a document

Select one of the links below for instructions on adding the type of document you will use:

Using a PDF from Canvas Files

  1. On the Link Resource from External Tool screen, select Use Canvas File (See Fig. 5). box around the Use Canvas File option
    Figure 5: Choosing to add a Canvas file
  2. You will see a list of files in your Canvas Files directory. Select the title of the file you want to use and select Submit. You will return to the External Tool window. (See Fig. 6)
    Red box around the Submit button
    Figure 6: Submit button
  3. In the Page Name field enter a name for the module item or leave the default name.
  4. Select Add Item.

Using a URL or other online document

  1. On the Link Resource from External Tool screen, put your cursor in the Public Document URL field and paste or type the web address to the page you want to use (See Fig. 7).
    NOTE: The link must be publicly viewable (i.e., not behind a login or paywall).
    red box around the Public URL text box
    Figure 7: Linking the URL
  2. Select Submit.

The Hypothesis-enabled Module Item will be listed on the Modules page. When your students select the Module Item, the webpage or document will open with Hypothesis enabled and scoped to your class enrollments.

Modified on: Wed, Feb 1, 2023 at 9:20 AM

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