Discover@MU (EBSCO Curriculum Builder) connects Canvas to the EBSCO Discovery Services book, journal and database searches used by MU and UMKC. With Curriculum builder, professors may consistently and easily link to their campus’s electronic library resources and catalogs.

How can I use Discover@MU in teaching?

  • Easily find, organize and create durable links to electronic content from the Libraries’ collections.
  • Locate and link to MERLIN Card Catalog entries for print-only resources held by the Libraries.
  • Copy collections of library materials across courses.

What is unique about Discover@MU?

  • Discover@MU is a one-stop shop for content, functioning both as an advanced search engine and a tool for creating an organizing durable links.

Technical requirements

Discover@MU is integrated into Canvas, so there is no software for students to install, and it runs through the browser.

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