Cengage WebAssign

WebAssign is Cengage’s STEM courseware platform providing content, assignments and assessments. It is deployed in conjunction with Cengage Unlimited.
Due to the implementation of differential tuition at some campuses, please check with your campus leadership to make sure technologies can be paid for by charging students at your campus.

How can I use WebAssign in teaching?

  • Provide access to textbooks in a robust and easy-to-use online reader.
  • Deploy prepackaged or customized assignments, quizzes and other activities from the publisher into Canvas for grades or practice.
  • Track student progress with analytics.

What is unique about WebAssign?

  • WebAssign provides deep and highly customizable homework, test and activity integration with Canvas. Because it is built for STEM, it provides excellent editing capabilities for formulas.

Technical requirements

WebAssign is integrated into Canvas, so there is no software to install; it runs through the browser. Due to certain setup requirements, please contact your campus support unit when setting up WebAssign.

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