Achieve is an e-book, homework and adaptive quizzing platform that leads students through the material and exercises based on their level of learning and expertise. Achieve is available for both Macmillan and Sapling books and courses.

How can I use Achieve in teaching?

  • Provide access to textbooks in a robust and easy-to-use online reader.
  • Deploy prepackaged or customized assignments, quizzes and other activities from the publisher into Canvas for grades or practice.
  • Adaptive practice activities help students identify and work through the parts of the materials that challenge them.
  • Find and access curated instructor resources.

What is unique about Achieve?

  • Achieve is built around the concept of adaptive quizzing. Students take periodic quizzes to evaluate their progress; Achieve identifies which parts of the material students have mastered and takes them back through the portions of the textbook and exercises for those areas where they remain deficient.

Technical requirements

Achieve is integrated into Canvas, so there is no software for students to install: it runs through the browser.

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